DuPont Nutrition & Health advancements in novel excipients recognised by pharmaceutical journal

Published: 19-Dec-2018

Latest research explores using novel excipients to protect against agitation-induced aggregation of protein-based pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceutical journal Molecular Pharmaceutics published an academic paper in November based on the latest research from DuPont Nutrition & Health (DuPont).

The published paper, "Dynamic Properties of Novel Excipient Suggest Mechanism for Improved Performance in Liquid Stabilization of Protein Biologics,” authored by DuPont researchers Joshua S. Katz, Abigail Nolin, Benjamin A. Yezer and Susan Jordan, explores using novel excipients to protect against agitation-induced aggregation of protein-based pharmaceuticals.

The research examines the fundamental dynamics of FM1000, a novel surfactant excipient able to more rapidly stabilise than conventional excipients.

The researchers found the excipient delivered improved performance in liquid stabilisation of protein biologics, providing a mechanistic understanding of the key causes and drivers of protein aggregation.

DuPont’s findings could improve biologic drug stability in liquid formulations, and the new surfactant could introduce better shelf-stability of antibody derived biopharmaceuticals.

“This work highlights the importance of using fundamental science to understand pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical ingredient behaviour,” said lead researcher Joshua Katz, PhD, Research Scientist, DuPont Pharma Excipients.

“It’s imperative we utilise that knowledge to design and build next generation technologies for 21st century medicine.”

The research is destined to appear in a future issue of Molecular Pharmaceutics, a peer-reviewed pharmaceutical journal that covers research on the molecular mechanistic understanding of drug delivery and drug delivery systems.

Katz, who joined Dow Chemical's Core R&D Formulation Science group in 2011, focuses his research on the development of novel technologies for formulation of non-small molecule pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceutical formulations.

“My passion and commitment as a scientist includes leveraging a strong scientific foundation to engineer the products of tomorrow to cultivate a healthier planet,” Katz explained.

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