Envair Technology opens 63,000 sq. ft. manufacturing site in Heywood

Published: 24-Jun-2022

Increased production capacity will help meet global demand for containment solutions

Envair Technology, a specialist manufacturer of clean air and containment solutions for the healthcare, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, has announced the opening of a new 63,000 sq. ft. facility in Heywood, Greater Manchester.

The business’s new home represents a £1m investment and will allow the company to fulfil growing demand for containment technology. Envair Technology has seen its revenue grow 92% within the last year.

The Heywood site, which complements Envair Technology’s existing sites in Middlewich and Albacete (Spain), will help the company significantly increase production capacity. The new base of operations, the largest containment manufacturing facility in the North West of England, has the potential to double the company’s current output.

With this expanded capability, turnover is expected to reach more than £20m in 2022 – with headcount also set to increase 15% to 150 staff.

The move consolidates the manufacturing of the company’s rigid containment product lines – TCS fume cupboards and Envair isolators – at one location. This has enabled Envair Technology to bring more of its manufacturing processes in-house to secure the supply chain, upskill its workforce and increase R&D.

The Greater Manchester site was chosen due to its proximity to a unique containment technology talent pool found in the North West of England – which, in part, owes its origins to the legacy of a large historical pharmaceutical presence in the region.

Andrew Ellison, CEO of Envair Technology, said: “As we expand our operations, our new home will enable us to meet growing demand for containment solutions around the world. We are currently seeing growth being driven by various trends. This includes the impact of the Covid pandemic, but there has also been a huge rise in the demand for personalised medicine globally, which has increased the number of healthcare and pharmaceutical personnel working with high potent compounds.

“The new Heywood facility also means we can continue to innovate and develop new product lines – such as our next generation vaporised hydrogen peroxide (VHP) rapid gassing isolators.”

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