Erlab DFS


Erlab, worldwide leader in ductless filtration fumehoods since 1968, manufactures containment solutions dedicated to ensuring safety of the operator against chemical hazards.

The company offers a large range of safety solutions based on advanced filtration technologies for liquid and powder chemical handlings, chemical storage, PCR handlings protection while achieving real energy savings and protecting the environment. All these products represent a new protection alternative for laboratories compared to traditional ducted laboratory safety devices. A very high safety level and performance, complying with the most stringent standards regarding filtration and containment: AFNOR NF X 15:211, BS 7989, DIN 14175 and ASHRAE 110:1995.

Our Products

Captair Flex ductless fume cabinets and cupboards:

Based on the Flex technology - a flexible, adaptable modular filtration column- this line of chemical protection enclosures offers a wide range of possibilities and allows to carry out a variety of applications in laboratoies and cleanrooms of many different industries

Captair Store vented filtering storage cabinets:

The ideal solution for labs that want to reduce inhalation risks associated with the concentration of vapors into the lab ambient air.

Captair Flow clean air enclosures:

Designed to protect samples and/or products handled into the enclosure, Items placed into the enclosure are protected against external contamination.

Chemtrap stand alone filtration systems for safety cabinets:

Allows laboratories equipped with fireproof safety cabinets to also benefit from a protection against chemical inhalation risks without having to connect them to an expensive energy consuming ductwork. Compatible with a wide range of fireproof safety cabinets.

Captairbio PCR enclosures:

Equipped with a built in laminar flow and a powerful UV decontamination system, these enclosures offer an high level protection for PCR handlings.

Asura filters:

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High performance carbon replacement filters for ductless fume cupboards and vented storage cabinets compatible with many worldwide brands such as : Bigneat, Astec, Labcaire and more.