Evonik launches Eudragit ready-to-use powder premix


The product features a high-gloss coating delivering an "elegant optical appearance and superior swallowability outcomes"

Evonik has launched a ready-to-use powder premix blend of its Eudragit functional polymers used for oral products with an immediate release profile.

“Eudragit has been the world’s preferred brand of functional polymers used with oral drug products for more than 60 years,” said Matthias Wiehn, Global Product Manager of Evonik’s Oral Drug Delivery Solutions business.

“With the launch of Eudragit IR ReadyMix White, pharmaceutical companies now have an immediate and attractive choice to optimise the processability, appearance, taste and swallowability of drug products with an immediate release profile.”

The powder is suitable for use with tablets and a range of other solid oral dosage forms. The premix can be processed in around half the time of an HPMC or PVA-based alternative, Evonik says, owing to its high solid content and low processing temperature.

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The product is the second ready-to-use premix blend developed by Evonik for use with oral drug products with an immediate release profile. Evonik’s first ready-to-use premix product, known as Eudragit E PO ReadyMix shares many of its characteristics with IR ReadyMix White, but is custom tailored for use with oral drug products requiring colour matching, moisture protection or taste masking.