Experimental cell lines help screening for CAR T therapies


AMSBIO has added new experimental cell lines to its CAR T cell research range

Recent FDA approval of CAR T cells for treatment of leukaemia and lymphoma has resulted in rapid growth in research on the therapeutic uses of such cells.

The new AMSBIO experimental cell lines provide you with the power to screen antibodies and ligands against your target, enhancing your search for new CAR T therapies.

A therapeutic Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) is a transmembrane protein designed with an extracellular domain based on an antibody single-chain variable fragment (scFv) and intracellular signalling domains derived from the TCR g chain, along with other costimulatory receptors.

The scFv provides a specific binding domain that recognises target proteins on cancer cells. A patient’s own T cells are isolated and activated, then transfected with a gene expressing the CAR.

This reprogrammes the T cells to identify and attack tumour cells expressing the target protein, creating personalised immune cells designed to specifically target the patient’s cancer.

New stable CHO recombinant cell lines are available from AMSBIO for constitutively expressing full length human CD123, PSMA and ICOSL.

Each stable clonal cell line was selected for different levels of expression to mimic different stages of cancer target cells with various CD123, PSMA or ICOSL expression levels.

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At AMSBIO, we strive to provide tools at the cutting edge of cancer research. We produce a growing list of experimental cell lines, recombinant proteins and screening services to advance the search for new CAR T cell therapies.