FlashSmart elemental analyser enables comprehensive analysis for a wide range of applications


The Thermo Scientific FlashSmart elemental analyser enables researchers working in quantification of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulphur and oxygen (CHNS/O) in a range of applications, such as quality control, R&D and contract laboratories, to simplify their workflows by using a single automated analyser for their daily elemental analyses

Designed specifically for laboratories with varying analytical requests, the new analyser removes the need for multiple analysers within a diverse lab.

Its modular design and easy-to-use automated throughputs simplify CHNS/O analysis without compromising precision or accuracy.

Key Applications: Automated, reliable and high-speed elemental analysis for laboratories working on organic chemistry, food, geological materials, pharmaceuticals, petrochemistry, energy and environmental applications.

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  • Improved productivity: Thermo Scientific Multi-Valve Control (MVC) Module provides 24/7 activity and maximum throughput for analysis of several samples per day
  • Increased confidence in data quality: fitted chromatographic column ensures reliable gas separation
  • Easier analysis: Thermo Scientific EagerSmart software, an intelligent and dedicated organic elemental analysis data handler, MVC Module and detectors enable comprehensive and visually simple analysis
  • Reduced costs: MVC Module automatically changes carrier gas from helium to nitrogen or argon, saving carrier gas cost and lowering cost per sample.

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