FluxSecure provides proof of authenticity


Can be checked through product packaging

Schreiner ProSecure, a division of the German Schreiner Group, has integrated its invisible FluxSecure authentication technology into self-adhesive products.

The FluxSecure feature from the Munich-based developer of security systems for product and document protection can be quickly checked even through product enclosures and packaging. It is easy to integrate and ensures reliable authentication, the company says.

The FluxSecure technology consists of a magnetically encoded, extremely thin thread (at 30 micrometres it is thinner than the human hair), which is inserted between the adhesive and the masking paper.

The delicate thread consists of a metal alloy mixture surrounded by a glass coating. The magnetic properties of the security feature are read without line of sight, using a handheld reader or a sensor that generates a magnetic field. This allows products to be verified even through heavy and metallic packaging. The readers are adapted to the customer’s system and authentication is indicated by an optical and acoustic signal. Customised sensors are available for integration into machines, equipment or products or for stationary reading systems.

The magnetic properties can be modified through variations of the alloy and changes to the thickness and length of the FluxSecure thread. The alloy mixtures are customised and therefore not reproducible.

The FluxSecure technology can be easily integrated into folding boxes or blister packs and marking solutions.

Since it is hidden, FluxSecure does not interfere with specified design patterns. Combinations with additional overt or covert security features are also possible.