Fujifilm Irvine Scientific European Manufacturing site now fully operational

Published: 9-Dec-2021

It occupies approximately 13500 sqm of space previously utilised to manufacture film rolls

Fujifilm Irvine Scientific has announced its manufacturing facility in Tilburg, the Netherlands is now open and operational. The facility provides life science manufacturing services and joins the company's locations in the US and Japan to enable increased production capacity of cell culture media products.

The facility’s location in central Europe is aimed to position it as a source of local supply for increased efficiency and savings in shipping, as well as securing the supply chain.

The site was reportedly built with sustainable initiatives in mind, including working towards a CO2-neutral status, using wind energy for the production process, and using sustainable technologies such as membrane bioreactors for wastewater purification.

It occupies approximately 13500 sqm of space previously utilised to manufacture film rolls. The site now manufactures dry powder media, liquid media, buffers, and water for injection (WFI) in accordance with the same quality system, raw materials, and methods used at the company’s facilities in the US and Japan.

“We worked steadily to achieve milestones for construction, validation, and commissioning of this manufacturing facility,” said Yutaka Yamaguchi, Chair and CEO, Fujifilm Irvine Scientific. “Even with the global challenges faced in recent years, Fujifilm Irvine Scientific was determined to provide customers in Europe with local service that strengthens the supply chain and increases manufacturing capacity. It is extremely rewarding to see this commitment realised.”

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