GEA Lyophil adds nucleation technology to its freeze drying range


Signs licensing agreement to use Praxair’s ControlLyo nucleation on-demand technology

GEA Lyophil, part of GEA Pharma Systems and a specialist in freeze drying/lyophilisation technology, has signed a licensing agreement to use Praxair’s ControLyo nucleation technology.

ControlLyo controls the freezing step of lyophilisation by keeping the nucleation temperature to within 1°C of its freezing point. According to GEA Lyophil, this results in improved product uniformity, quality, yield and a 40% reduction in cycle time.

The firm says the agreement complements the expertise of each company: GEA Lyophil is a market leader in pharmaceutical freeze drying, while Praxair is one of the largest industrial gases company in the US producing atmospheric, process and speciality gases, and high-performance surface coatings.

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‘The integration of Praxair’s ControLyo technology into our laboratory and production scale freeze dryers is another important step in our approach to provide comprehensive lyophilisation to our clients that combines predictable and reproducible product quality with the best drying performance,’ commented Heinrich Meintrup, md of GEA Lyophil.

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