GEA adds Performa Lite tablet press to portfolio


Suitable for handling 320,000 tablets per hour

GEA has introduced a cost-effective version of its Performa P rotary tablet press, the Performa Lite.

Enhanced with a new 21 CFR Part 11 and GAMP compliant control system, which improves ease of operation and maintenance, the Performa Lite is suitable for medium-scale solid dosage form production at rates of up to 320,000 tablets/hr. The compact machine features precise tablet weight control, the ability to adjust the pre-compression dwell time by up to 300% and run certain formulations at higher outputs when other presses fail.

The company says the Performa Lite competes well with much larger presses, offering comparable outputs. Its compact dimensions, optimised accessibility — with four large doors — and integrated electrical cabinet, ensure that this machine fits into most compression suites.

The machine also features the GEA Air Compensator. Fitted to the pre-compression station of every GEA press, the Air Compensator enables superior process control and allows for better process understanding, shorter set-up times (higher yield), improved tablet quality and greater product output.

In many cases, the machine overcomes compression issues and facilitates the pressing of small tablets at high weight sensitivities. It also acts as an effective tooling-protection device should compression forces rise above tolerance limits.

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In addition, the Performa Lite benefits from an exchangeable turret, which enables product changeover in just 30 minutes using a semi-automatic exchange sequence, easy cleaning and ready access to the compression area for maintenance. As standard, the machine is equipped with a constant-level feeding system, replaceable upper guides, removable scraper seals and die seats.

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