GEA confirms €4m containment contract with Bangladeshi generics manufacturer

Shook hands on the deal at ACHEMA

GEA and HPL shook hands on a €4m deal at the recent ACHEMA trade show in Frankfurt, Germany

GEA, a supplier of equipment and technology to a range of process industries, has confirmed a €4m deal with Bangladesh-based Healthcare Pharmaceuticals Limited (HPL), a manufacturer of branded generic products for the Asia, Africa, Europe and CIS markets.

Under the terms of the contract, GEA will deliver a fully contained 'one-stop-shop' solution for potent oral solid dosage form production to HPL.

The deal was signed at June's ACHEMA exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany.

Muhammed Halimuzzaman, Chief Executive of HPL, said: 'By implementing GEA’s proven manufacturing solutions and innovations, we intend to establish ourselves as a global supplier and operate on a worldwide platform. We see GEA as a quality provider of the latest technological advances and by investing in best-in-class equipment, we can maximise our R&D efforts and capitalise on the very worthwhile expenditure by getting first-rate products to market quicker.'

HPL said it also appreciates that GEA has a strong regional presence, thereby ensuring close proximity and support.

GEA will provide a fully integrated and contained (OEB 5) 800 L granulation line for hormone-based products with an STTWA of 1–10µg/m3.

The end-to-end solution provides API dispensing through high containment valves to the contained loading of a GEA tablet press. Both wet granulation and direct compression tablet production can be accommodated.

Navin Lakhanpaul, GEA’s VP Sales & Marketing, Pharma, added: 'I am delighted that HPL is buying from GEA. We are a world-leading supplier of innovative technology driven solutions and this agreement further consolidates our long-term and loyal partnership.'

GEA and HPL first collaborated in 2013 with the delivery of an integrated PharmaConnect system for the research and development of highly potent cytotoxic applications.

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