GE Healthcare gains digitally-enabled cryogenic cold chain technology


GE Healthcare acquires Asymptote, gaining a suite of technologies for the cryopreservation of cellular materials

GE Healthcare has acquired Asymptote, UK specialists in cryochain technology for sensitive cellular therapies.

Asymptote’s integrated suite of cryochain hardware, software and consumables are designed to maintain the potency of cellular therapies.

This enables ultra-low temperature freezing during production, all the way to thawing at the clinic prior to administering to patients.

Asymptote technologies adhere to current Good Manufacturing Practises (cGMP).

The company’s digitally-enabled hardware products lower the risk of contamination found in conventional processes and provide exceptional control and analytics of cryochain procedures.

Ger Brophy, General Manager of GE Healthcare’s Cell Therapy business, said: “Asymptote’s offering takes us another step forward in our vision to industrialise cell therapy.”

“We want to improve the access to cellular therapies and tap the great potential that they have in curing some of our most difficult diseases.”

Asymptote’s VIA Freeze range delivers liquid nitrogen-free cryopreservation and VIA ThawTM series that thaws deeply frozen cells by a dry conduction (water-free) process.

The company’s my.Cryochain software platform synchronises with the VIA Freeze and VIA Thaw products to standardise freezing and thawing programmes across multiple sites.

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This web-based platform supports cell therapy companies to scale their cryopreservation and thawing processes.