Genedata Biologics gives protein expression workflows a boost


The updated software raises the bar on process flexibility for automated biologics screening

Genedata, a Swiss provider of software solutions for drug discovery, has released the latest version of its enterprise solution for biologics r&d. Genedata Biologics 2.5 features expanded functionality that improves process flexibility and enables high-throughput workflows in biologics screening, engineering and production.

Genedata Biologics is an off-the-shelf software solution for integrated data management and analysis of biologics r&d activities. The platform enables pharmaceutical and biotech organisations to more efficiently discover and develop novel biotherapeutics.

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The latest software release provides a fully-fledged infrastructure for rapid implementation of corporate-specific workflows and technologies such as next-generation antibody formats, proprietary antibody libraries and display systems, or custom expression workflows. The improvements will aid protein engineering, antibody screening, cell line development and protein expression.