Genedata and Titian collaborate to deliver seamless flow


Genedata and Titian Software announced a technology partnership to create an automated, off-the-shelf solution for small molecule and biological inventory management and advanced screening data analysis

screener assay activity view

Their combined solution integrates Titian Mosaic SampleBank with Genedata Screener to give screening scientists a best-in-class, streamlined process from plate ordering to data analysis.

Scientists can now choose both Genedata Screener’s accelerated data analysis and Mosaic SampleBank’s best practice inventory tracking and management with the confidence that the solutions work together seamlessly.

This combination of applications provides a single workflow from sample to screening results, removing many time-consuming steps.

Mosaic SampleBank manages the samples from registration through to the creation of assay-ready plates.

Once screened, resulting data are directly analysed on the Genedata Screener platform, which automates the entire workflow from raw data to activity, potency, selectivity and toxicity results.

The integrated solutions:

  • decrease overall system implementation costs
  • create workflow efficiencies by eliminating time-consuming process steps
  • reduce errors by removal of manual file handling
  • advance best practices as best-in-class solutions.

“Genedata and Titian customers now have the best of both worlds in one easy-to-use solution,” said Edmund Wilson, CEO of Titian Software.

“Specifically, plate information is automatically transferred from Mosaic SampleBank to Genedata Screener for analysis. The integration eliminates manual file handling and this heightened level of automation generates new operational efficiencies that lower costs, improve productivity and most importantly — enhance life science research.”

“Our collaboration with Titian not only creates a streamlined process for plate ordering and data analysis, it also gives budget-conscious screening labs a single, end-to-end solution that reduces overhead without compromising on world-class technology,” said Dr Othmar Pfannes, CEO of Genedata.

“Genedata is dedicated to partnering with companies such as Titian that raise the bar on automating workflows in the drug discovery process.”

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