German CDMO IDT Biologika opens vaccines manufacturing plant

By Murielle Gonzalez | Published: 25-Jul-2019

New multifunctional facility for vaccines is located in the BioPharmaPark area in DessauRosslau

IDT Biologika, a German CDMO with a global footprint, has celebrated the opening of a new multifunctional production facility for vaccines in the BioPharmaPark area in DessauRosslau.

Business in contract manufacturing and development of human medicines has seen dynamic growth over the past few years for IDT Biologika. The company said the CDMO market has contributed as much as two-thirds of total turnover.

Headquartered in DessauRosslau, IDT works as a partner to international pharmaceutical companies, with demand for such services growing in the two-digit range.

According to CEO Jürgen Betzing, IDT’s goal is to establish itself as one of the global leaders in this field. He commented: "We are active in markets that not everyone can serve. This is only possible when we are able to react flexibly to those markets’ requirements.

"This multifunctional production facility provides the basis for doing so. The fact that the building has a utilization rate of close to 50% right from the start underscores our customers’ high demand and the excellent growth perspectives coming with it.”

With production working near its maximum capacity due to strong customer demand, IDT laid the foundation stone for the new building a year ago.

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