Gilson introduces Pipetman G


Fitted with redesigned piston assembly system

The latest and most advanced evolution of the Gilson Pipetman, the Pipetman G, is a mechanical air-displacement pipette that boasts a redesigned piston assembly system, which makes it suitable for daily pipetting. Luton, Bedfordshire, UK-based Gilson says it also significantly reduces the risk of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI).

Offering two tip ejector styles, plastic and stainless steel, the Pipetman G can be used for both corrosive and non-corrosive samples. Both tip ejector styles are equipped with a clip ejector for convenient access to serviceable parts.

The Pipetman G is available with a volume range from 0.2µL–10mL in eight models. Other features include a unique, traceable serial number given to each pipette and a colour-coded push-button that corresponds to matching Gilson tip packaging.

In common with the Pipetman P, the Pipetman G is fitted with a universal tip holder ensuring a secure fit for most brands of tips.

Within the UK, the product is exclusively available direct from Gilson and Scientific Laboratory Supplies (SLS), the official Gilson Seal of Assurance partner.