A new generation of mechanical surface testing platforms

Published: 1-May-2024

The Step series allows high precision readings and easy transitioning between methods

Anton Paar’s Step series brings a new standard when it comes to mechanical surface testing platforms, guaranteeing higher precision and savings in time and resources. 

Different platform models can be equipped with up to four measuring heads, enhancing the measurement technologies with scratch testing, instrumented indentation testing, automatic conventional hardness and tribology testing capabilities.

This ensures effortless transition from one method to another with zero setup adjustments. Step can be equipped with a single head or a full all-in-one setup. Either way, our new platform solution prepares you for future upgrades and ensures a competitive edge.

Another big 'Step' is the new digital microscope. It provides continuous zoom, a magnification range of 20 — 10,000x) and seamless transition from panoramic surface overview to maximum magnification. Together with a brand-new user experience, it also saves time required to visualise the sample surface.

The new mechanical surface testing platforms come with worldwide support, thanks to Anton Paar’s renowned 35 subsidiaries around the globe that are always ready to help. Also, AP provides a full three-year warranty on all our instruments. 

Anton Paar is a great supporter of the industry and strives to make everything as easy and efficient as possible when it comes to the production process:

  • AP now fully supports the integration of a platform into a production plant for automatic sample handling, loading, and testing
  • Step is the only mechanical surface testing platform where big samples can be mounted, directly off the production line


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