Glass experts help clients meet increasingly challenging product specifications

GTS labs have continued to expand their capabilities and capacity through strategic investments in staff and equipment to meet growing demands

Increasingly tight dimensional tolerances, dosage control and line rejection targets have led to a surge in demand for dimensional verification of glass packaging and components by experts in glass, Glass Technology Services.

The laboratories continue to expand their capabilities and capacity through strategic investments in staff and equipment to meet growing demands.

Extending their dimensional measurement capabilities across a range of glass products and specialist components, a new vision measuring system has been commissioned and installed in their Sheffield laboratories. This extends the range of dimensional measurements and specification checks already provided to clients across pharmaceuticals, components, food and drinks, photonics and glass manufacturing sectors.

Philip Marsh, Business Development Manager, said: “We have seen a surge in measurement requirements from clients looking to ensure that primary packaging and glass components meet increasingly tight tolerances and specifications.”

Marsh explained that this latest investment increases the accuracy of measurements, extending the company’s capabilities and allows for substantial sample volumes to be measured – something of key importance with high value pharmaceutical and biologics clients for routine batch verification.

”The need for these increasingly challenging specifications is being driven by a number of factors including rapid product changeovers and line flexibility, filling line compatibility and rejection targets, closure integrity and highly concentrated drug formulations that require strict dosage control,” Marsh added.

The new vision measuring system allows the experts in glass to provide more accurate dimensional measurements in a fraction of the time it currently takes for manual and profile-projection techniques, as well as allowing automated measurement of large sample batches.

Measurements are non-contact, repeatable and allow accurate measurement and evaluation of complex three-dimensional components, closures, drug-delivery systems as well as traditionally challenging measurements such as sink, bulge, surface flatness and to highlight accurate internal profiling and wall thickness for flexible and pressure sensitive items such as component assemblies and flexible stopper materials.

Glass Technology Services is a specialist in glass analysis, testing, troubleshooting and consultancy support. As experts in glass, the laboratory is actively involved in a range of international technical committees covering key developments in glass delamination, durability and analytical methods.

The GTS laboratory is accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO 9001 quality standards and is registered with the US FDA under GDUFA for API/FDF testing.

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