High-throughput flow reactor for process chemists


The FlowSyn Maxi from Uniqsis is a high-throughput flow reactor designed for process chemists looking to optimise reaction conditions before scaling-up synthetic production to multiple kilograms per day

High-throughput flow reactor for process chemists

Combining the benefits of proven FlowSyn technology with the capability to run at high flow rates (up to 100 mL/min) in a compact benchtop design, the FlowSyn Maxi sets new standards for high-throughput applications. Designed for ease of use, the highly intuitive user software interface quickly guides you through the process to set up a flow chemistry reaction.

Once done, FlowSyn Maxi automatically runs the experiment unattended, ensuring that critical parameters remain within defined limits.

FlowSyn Maxi is designed to run superheated reactions at up to +260 °C (1400 psi) and cooled ones down to –70 °C, making it one of the most versatile process scale flow reactors available. The robustly constructed system can be specified in stainless steel or Hastelloy with PTFE flow paths, making it compatible with most chemistries.

The unit is fitted with larger bore inlet tubing and upgraded inlet/outlet solenoid valves with bigger fluidic channels to cope with process-scale flow rates.

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The FlowSyn Maxi is compatible with all existing Uniqsis coil reactors. However, it’s optimised for use with larger reactors (up to 60 mL) using 1/8-inch OD tubing in conjunction with glass static mixer chips to ensure efficient and reproducible mixing. Reagents can be delivered from large stock bottles or from sample loops (up to 50 mL).