Horizon Discovery and Fulcrum Therapeutics form research collaboration

Published: 12-Sep-2016

Horizon will deploy its CRISPR-based screening platform to identify novel targets for rare genetic diseases

Horizon Discovery Group, a world leader in the application of gene editing technologies, has formed a new collaboration with Fulcrum Therapeutics, a US-based firm founded in July 2016 by Third Rock Ventures.

The collaboration will utilize Horizon’s world-leading CRISPR-based screening platform to identify novel targets for regulating gene expression. Horizon’s CRISPR-based screening platform, sophisticated bioinformatics and cell line libraries provide a novel and highly efficient way to examine the regulation of genes and their role in disease.

In this collaboration, Horizon will apply its platform and extensive know-how to identify novel gene regulation targets for further exploration by Fulcrum for the development of next-generation therapies. The programme will initially focus on genetic diseases where no effective treatment options currently exist.

The programme is expected to run between five and seven months  and consists of two projects with the potential for additional future projects. Fulcrum has chosen Horizon as its preferred CRISPR-based screening platform service provider, and there is potential for further screens to identify targets for additional rare diseases after this initial programme.

'CRISPR-based screening promises to be a powerful tool for the identification of novel targets, and the collaboration with Fulcrum demonstrates the potential for this technology to be used in areas outside of oncology,' said Dr Darrin Disley, Chief Executive Officer, Horizon Discovery.

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