INFORMEX: DSM expands r&d services for pharma development


CYPs can perform reactions that are difficult to mimic by more traditional chemical methods

DSM Pharmaceutical Products has expanded its technology platform by offering Cytochrome P450 enzyme screening technology for the identification of metabolites through its InnoSyn route scouting services.

Cytochrome P450 enzymes (CYPs) belong to a super family of enzymes that have been identified in mammals, fungi and bacteria. They can be involved with drug metabolism and bioactivation in, for example, the human liver.

Due to their potential toxic nature, the US FDA recommends that major metabolites derived from new therapeutics require additional characterisation and possible testing. CYPs may also generate novel bioactive molecules with improved characteristics compared with the parent molecule – and thus offer the possibility of accessing novel lead compounds.

DSM’s unique and broad collection of recombinant CYP enzymes are said to demonstrate exceptional activity and selectivity towards human-like metabolites and novel bioactive compounds. The collection of more than 7,000 CYPs is readily available for screening, supported by different high throughput analytical techniques for rapid identification.

When applied in synthesis, CYPs can perform reactions that are difficult to mimic by more traditional chemical methods. DSM’s CYP technology can therefore be used to efficiently identify, characterise and synthesise specific human-like metabolites and novel bioactive compounds.

‘We are continually looking for opportunities to expand our technology toolbox,’ said Marcel Schreuder Goedheijt, director of DSM Innovative Synthesis. ‘The launch of the CYP screening platform not only provides pharmaceutical companies with tools for the identification and synthesis of drug metabolites and novel bioactive compounds, it also facilitates rapid, high-throughput metabolic characterisation as recommended by the FDA.’

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DSM’s CYP screening technology is available through the InnoSyn route scouting services, which supports the research and development initiatives of pharmaceutical companies by integrating the full range of DSM competencies such as biocatalysis, homogeneous catalysis, micro reactor technology and other advanced synthesis management focusing on cost reduction.