InfraTec adds high speed thermography to ImageIR range


The ImageIR series features infrared cameras with cooled focal-plane array photon detectors

InfraTec has introduced the ImageIR 8300 hs, combining an image format of (640×512) IR pixels with a 1004 Hz frame rate. It’s designed to capture thermographic images of extremely fast moving objects or highly dynamic thermal processes.

The camera, which is sensitive in the mid-infrared, allows thermography in full frame format and achieves a thermal resolution of 20 mK. The radiometric image data are transferred with loss-free real time compression, without having to use internal memory, via an industrial 10 GigE interface to a standard notebook.

The digital high-speed data acquisition is carried out with InfraTec's IRBIS 3 thermography software family offering the user possibilities for data analysis and documentation. The camera's temperature measurement range allows processes with large temperature gradients, such as those occurring in explosions, electrical discharges or laser machining processes, to be recorded.

The ImageIR 8300 hs can be equipped with a fast rotating filter wheel to adapt the camera sensitivity to the spectral properties of the target. Equipped with up to six spectral filters, the filter wheel allows sequential measurements of high image frequency in different spectral ranges.

The thermography system from InfraTec is based on the T2SLS with HOT long-life technology. A semiconductor quantum structure forms the basis for this system.

It boasts operating temperatures up to 130 K, meaning it requires significantly lower cooling capacity than comparable models which operate at 77 K.

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Another feature of the ImageIR 8300 hs is the relatively large area of the individual detector elements, which are arranged in a grid (pixel pitch) of 25 µm. This enables objects with low temperatures to be captured with the same integration times and frame rates as high temperature subjects.