Inge and Aquasource enter long-term agreement


Will combine their membrane technology for water filtration

Inge, a subsidiary of BASF and a leading supplier of ultrafiltration (UF) membranes used for water treatment, has entered into an agreement with French company Aquasource, a membrane systems specialist, under which the partners will combine their technologies.

Under the agreement, Inge will concentrate on the development and production of UF membranes, while Aquasource will become a centre of excellence for membrane systems and provide engineering, processes and applications and select the best membrane technology for customer needs.

Knowledge of membrane materials is considered to be a key success factor for future innovations in polymer membranes. Greifenberg, Germany-based Inge was acquired by BASF in 2011, which gave the company access to the know-how of BASF polymer experts and allowed it to expand the products and solutions of BASF’s Water Solutions business worldwide. Since then, BASF and Inge have been jointly involved in several R&D projects aimed at driving forward innovation in UF membranes.

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Inge CEO Bruno Steis and Aquasource CEO Marc Messerli said the cooperation would allow their customers to benefit from the competence of two leading European companies in developing innovative membrane technologies, with Inge focusing on membrane optimisation and Aquasource on the provision of membrane systems for water treatment plants.