Intertek expands REACH physico-chemical testing capabilities

Published: 6-Feb-2013

Granulometry provides a measurement of particle size distribution to assess the possible health effects resulting from inhalation of airborne particles in the workplace

Intertek has recently added granulometry to complement its comprehensive suite of REACH (Registration, Evaluation, and Authorization of Chemical Substances - EC1907/2006) physico-chemical property tests and chemical characterisation.

Granulometry provides a measurement of particle size distribution, which is needed to assess the possible health effects resulting from inhalation of airborne particles in the workplace. Intertek’s procedure is based on both OECD and ECHA Guidelines and includes a selection of methods appropriate to each sample including microscopy, electron microscopy, water solubility and particle size determination (sieving, Laser Scattering/Diffraction) to determine particle size distribution for respirable/inhalable particles as noted in EUR 20268 EN (2002). The exact approach for each sample depends on the nature of the particles and whether they are fibres, granulates or powders.

Substances to be registered under REACH will require a full set of physico-chemical data. Physico-chemical data are used to assess the physical hazards (e.g. flammability) and help predict possible toxicological or environmental hazards, fate and behaviour. They are used mainly for the purposes of safe handling but also, in the determination of the risk posed to humans and the environment from all stages of a substance lifecycle.

Intertek’s comprehensive physico-chemical property analysis suite comprises; melting/freezing temperature, boiling temperature, relative density, vapour pressure, surface, water solubility, octanol/water partition coefficient, flash point, flammability, flammability (contact with water), pyrophoric properties, explosive properties, auto-ignition temperature, relative self-ignition temperature, oxidising properties, stability in organic solvent, dissociation constant, viscosity and granulometry.

Intertek is a leading global provider of REACH services providing a single-source solution helping manufacturers, importers and users of chemicals to comply with the registration, testing, and documentation requirements of REACH, working directly with the European Chemical Agency (ECHA) and individual EU governments. Supported by locations in more than 100 countries worldwide, Intertek has a proven track record in providing REACH Registration Services, testing data, consultancy and Only Representative services and has recently successfully passed an audit by a National Competent Authority under the REACH-en-force programme.

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