Julian Braybrook appointed UK Government Chemist

LGC has announced Dr Julian Braybrook has been appointed the UK Government Chemist. He replaces Dr Derek Craston, who completed two terms of 5 years each in this office.

Dr Derek Craston, Chief Scientist Officer, LGC, said: “I look forward to following the work of the Government Chemist in the years ahead through its numerous dissemination activities.”

The Government Chemist is appointed by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, overseeing the statutory function of referee analyst, resolving disputes about analytical measurements, particularly in relation to food regulatory enforcement.

It is fundamental to providing an independent voice for sound analytical measurement science and preventing miscarriages of justice.

The Government Chemist also promotes analytical science and technology, and provides advice to Government on policy, standards and regulation based on research carried out by them and their team.

Dr Julian Braybrook, Director of Measurement Science for the National Measurement Laboratory and Designated Institute for Chemical and Bio-Metrology, LGC, said: “I am honoured to have been offered the role of Government Chemist. My appointment comes at a time when the UK is seeking new relationships with European colleagues and is strengthening its international trade agreements."

"I look forward to upholding the standing of the role established by Derek and the team, providing the reassurance and independent advice through any uncertainties or challenges potentially posed by such transition.”

Since joining LGC in 1988, Braybrook has carried out a variety of research and development roles relating to new methods of analysis. He has a degree in Chemistry from the University of London and a PhD from the University of Cambridge.

Braybrook is the 15th UK Government Chemist since the creation of the role in 1909. Under the Government Chemist programme, LGC resolves some 20 referee cases in the food and feed control system annually. This provides an independent technical right of appeal for businesses, strengthens consumer protection and often avoids the need for recourse to the courts.

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