Juniper to partner OxSonics in cancer drug delivery project

Published: 23-Jun-2015

Will collaborate in the development, scale-up and GMP manufacturing of injectable 'sono-sensitive' particles

Nottingham, UK-based Juniper Pharma Services is to work with OxSonics to collaborate in the development, scale-up, and GMP manufacturing of OxSonics’ proprietary 'sono-sensitive particles'.

The tie-up will see the contract development and manufacturing organisation (CDMO) support the Oxford-based company develop these injectable particles, which when used with new generation ultrasound devices, can be applied to a range of therapeutic applications including an oncological drug delivery platform called SonoTran. SonoTran enhances the delivery of anti-cancer drugs deep into and throughout solid tumours.

Oxsonics' CEO Dr Colin Story said the company's technology has the potential to deliver a 'step-change in the performance of a range of solid tumour cancer drugs' and taking the development of its sono-sensitive particles from a lab-scale to a clinical trial scale and grade is key to the company's development programme.

'OxSonics’ main objective is to commercialise a range of medical devices including our SonoTran platform, which has the capability to overcome one of the greatest challenges facing solid tumour cancer therapy by delivering drugs throughout tumour volumes including to those areas that lie farthest from blood vessels,' he added.

'Given the innovative and novel nature of our ground-breaking technology, we need to work with a team of experts such as those at Juniper to develop and scale-up the manufacture of the technology. In addition, Juniper, on behalf of OxSonics, will manufacture the innovative technology for clinical studies.'

Juniper Pharma Services' President Dr Nikin Patel, said: 'We are very pleased that OxSonics has chosen us as its long-term partner to help develop its pioneering platform. Dr Story and his team have done a fantastic job to date and we trust our experts will add significant value to the project with regards to meeting future milestones.

'This type of project using cutting-edge technology and requiring specialist formulation development is very much in our DNA and what we are known for in the market. The added benefit for OxSonics is that Juniper operates on a single site, single team basis with fully integrated processes from early development through to clinical so we always develop with clinical production in mind, which helps us to spot and correct any issues early and saves time and money in the long run.'

Formerly known as Molecular Profiles, Juniper Pharma Services unveiled its new identity earlier this year to coincide with the rebranding of its Boston-based parent company, Juniper Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

The company has well-established GMP clinical manufacturing capabilities covering topical and oral dosage form products, including the supply of potent compounds and controlled drugs.

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