Locate, read and verify 2D codes


Seidenader SV360 offers all-round bottle check

One of the challenges for manufacturers of inspection technology is developing equipment with the ability to locate, read and verify serialised 2D codes on cylindrical containers, every time, regardless of bottle orientation.

German supplier Seidenader Vision claims to have met this challenge by developing the SV360, which captures a 360° view of the unoriented bottle on the conveyor.

The company says the inspection module can be integrated anywhere on the conveyor, typically at the infeed of the bundler or case packer, for lines with speeds of up to 400 containers/minute.

The SV360 uses six cameras, positioned 60° apart, to scan the bottles. It locates, reads, and verifies the 2D code every time by capturing six individual images of the bottle as it passes through the inspection module.

The Seidenader SVIM, a high-performance vision processor, takes these overlapping images, analyses each individual image or ‘stitches’ them together to create one image to be analysed. The codes are read, verified and documented in the database to the next level of aggregation.

Seidenader says the SV360 is the answer to addressing aggregation handling for e-pedigree requirements when integrated with the firm’s track and trace concept on the packaging line.

Seidenader’s track and trace solution combines database management, coding systems, code reading technology, and material handling systems to provide a customised solution for already installed packaging lines, as well as for new equipment.