Macsa ID agrees strategic partnership with Codetronix


The businesses will serve the UK’s food, beverage, pharmaceutical, personal care and cosmetics industries

Macsa ID UK has agreed entered into a partnership with Codetronix to offer its Citronix continuous inkjet printers (CIJ), with 30-month warranty, and Intrex label applicators. Codetronix will also offer Macsa ID’s laser marking systems.

Macsa ID’s Icon 2 small character laser coder is suitable for most packaging applications and boasts environmental benefits and low running costs, the company says.

The Icon 2 offers permanent, durable marking, and is appropriate for first time laser users. It does not require consumables so there are no ink deposits or solvent emissions. Its filters help keep the laser and electronics cool and clean.

The machines are capable of printing product identification, traceability and date codes onto materials including plastics, glass and metals.

They are also capable of printing on round or concave surfaces such as bottles and cans, where the product to be printed is more than 5mm away from the print head or for harsher industrial environments.

Intrex labelling heads are available in four models and are used to apply self-adhesive labels from a reel at low to very high speeds in both food and non-food industry sectors. The Intrex labelling heads can apply labels on the top, side or bottom of products and can be integrated into packaging lines.

The labelling machines can be used for round products such as bottles, jars, containers, tins or aerosols as well as flat sided objects such as jerry cans, large containers, spray bottles and boxes.

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Paul Johnson, General Manager at Codetronix said: “I view this as a real opportunity to significantly grow both businesses by utilising each other’s products and knowledge to enhance what we offer to our customers.”