Marchesini Group exhibits at Achema


Preparations are underway for Achema in Frankfurt, visit Marchesini Hall 3.1, stand G3



Marchesini's exhibition area will host six stand-alone machines and five lines, showcasing novelties for track and trace, serialisation, Industry 4.0 and aseptic packaging sectors.

The liquids and aseptic area will host Capsy, a rotary aseptic cap sealing unit for small parenteral volume vials (SPV). It will be combined with the new Stery LA under Isol-Air unit, which is the first produced by the Marchesini Group.

Another aseptic line will include Unica, a robotic machine that integrates the deep-draw forming and cartoning operations into one block. It will be exhibited with the syringe and safety device assembler Combi 1 SD.

To represent the solids counting section, there will be the counting and capping unit, Compact 12, with vial feeder Sirio 3 'Code', which is able to position round, square, oval or rectangular vials.

The key features of this solution are compactness – two operations are carried out on just one machine, and the possibility of using isolator and laminar flow containment systems to guarantee complete protection of product and operator.

Again for the solids industry, there will be the robotic blister line Integra 320, set up to meet customers’ every Industry 4.0 need.

Intergra 320 with Valida

Intergra 320 with Valida

The unit will be illustrated for the first time at Marchesini’s booth with a 5 camera infeed system, Valida, to ensure the multivision control of the shape, thickness and colour of the pills. It will also have an NIR active ingredient recognition system.

Another novelty on this machine is the SCADA system - developed with SEA Vision, a relatively new partner of Marchesini Group.

This system checks the mechanical and functional state of the machine by constantly monitoring the quality parameters and informs the operator accordingly.

To conclude, the line will also be equipped with a predictive maintenance system to pinpoint possible mechanical problems and suggest appropriate scheduled maintenance actions.

For tube packaging, there will be the linear automatic filler and sealer MILL 120 with Robovision, combined with an MA 155 cartoner, featuring a new design of the panelling, electric cabinet and pneumatics, plus new components to comply with new safety standards.

The liquids area will be represented by the vial filler RSF 24 and the ML 618 1T vial filler and capper equipped with 18 syringes and a capping head. It is a very compact and flexible machine, ensuring batching precision, high production performance and total compliance to GMP standards.

On show for stickpack solids will be a version of MSP 560, which has been upgraded and lowered to boost its performance and ergonomics. The MSP 560 exhibited at Achema is the perfect solution for packaging liquids (but also powders or granular products) inside stickpacks, thanks to its incredible versatility, compact footprint and easy-to-dismount and clean batching units.

The carton labeller BLA 525 CW with track and trace, and weight control is able to produce 520 pieces a minute. It is equipped with a load cell fully integrated into the stepper conveyance system, which checks the position of the cartons and their weight throughout the whole process and rejects feasible non-conforming products according to the 'Fail Safe' logic.



Marchesini have great expectations for the new Track-Pack single block serialisation and accumulation unit made up of the labeller BL A415 and case packer PS 300. It can be equipped with Tamper Evident heads to apply self-adhesive tamperproof seals on the closure corners of the cartons.

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The end result is a compact machine complete with patented timing device that sets the cartons apart and positions them correctly on the adjustable toothed belt, which prevents them from slipping.

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