Marchesini Group showcases its fastest blister packaging line

Published: 13-Mar-2018

From 20–22 April, the Marchesini Group will take part in the 55th edition of the China International Pharmaceutical Machinery Exposition (CIPM)

The Marchesini Group will display the ultra-technological blister packaging line composed of Integra 520 V and the new fast bundler FA 04. This line can deliver 520 blisters and 500 cartons per minute and able to package blisters into cartons and bundle them at high speed.

Machines exhibited

Integra 520 V - the fastest of the robotised integrated blister lines produced by the Marchesini Group - combines two machines: a thermoformer and a cartoner.

Integra 520 V features not only the innovative functions of Integra 320, but also new pushers, a drum-type carton opener to deal with high speeds and a new leaflet pick-and-place system.

The result is an ideal machine for single-blister cartons, easy to clean and to changeover size thanks to the fact that the product feeding area is separate from the electrical and mechanical area.

The blisters coming from Integra 520 V are inserted into the cartons by the MA 500. MA 500 is designed to handle all kinds of carton closure: tuck-in or glued flap and various other combinations.

Downstream from the line is the new FA 04 fast version, which has been developed from the FA 04 classical version. This new machine can handle a production flow of 500 cartons per minute, arranged in 50 bundles of 10 cartons. The machine on show has a balcony structure so that all the parts involved in the product flow are clearly visible, also to minimise maintenance work and to ensure simplicity of use.

FA 04 fast version

FA 04 fast version

The Marchesini Group has been selling machines on the Chinese market for almost 20 years thanks to the Marchesini Shanghai brand.

After purchasing its first line from the Marchesini Group, Techdow has confirmed its fidelity toward the Group’s 'Made in Italy' solutions by ordering a second line, composed of six machines that run at a speed of 400 syringes per minute. These two lines will contribute in packaging the 100 million pre-filled syringes produced each year at the Techdow facilities.

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