Marchesini Group will be at Hispack 2018


Visitors can visit the exhibition booth in Barcelona by the team of STE Pharma Systems S.L., who will illustrate the machines on show: the Farplus overwrapper, the MV 545 jar filling & capping machine and the DUMEK turboemulsifier TURBO-MEK 200

Farplus C

Farplus C

The cosmetic packaging market has become one of Marchesini Group's strategic cornerstones and this will be at the forefront of its exhibition space at this year's Hispack event, held in Barcelona from 8 - 11 May 2018.

Visitors can pop by the exhibition booth to watch the team perform live demonstrations of the machines on show: the Farplus overwrapper, the MV 545 jar filling & capping machine and the DUMEK turboemulsifier TURBO-MEK 200. Guests may also discuss the growing importance of the Spanish market, which boosted the Group’s figures in 2017, as well as the new Beauty Division to be opened near the Group’s current Headquarters in Italy.

Machines on show

The Farplus C is a new, ergonomic automatic wrapper with a Robocombi product infeeder and a product by-pass on the outside. Both features ensure continuous production of up to 80 packages per minute and thanks to its ergonomic properties the machine is easy to clean.

With a variety of high quality possible closure methods - from standard, to packaging individual or bundled products; including all shapes and sizes of perfume bottles, to dot-seal closure and tear tape for easy opening - the Farplus C is ideal for packaging cosmetic products.

There are two models available for the Farplus C - standard has side holding belts and optimised has holding plates that enable dot seal type closure for cosmetic products.

MV 545

MV 545

Also on display is the MV 545 is a jar filler/capper with carousel, designed according to the highest of technological standards to guarantee top production performance and product quality. The machine can process symmetrical jars, using standard size parts, but also unusually shaped jars, using pucks.

The dispensing unit has tri-clamp fittings (hopper, pump, valve and nozzle) which can be transferred and completely assembled in one piece - on a specific trolley from the work zone to the washing zone. The possibility to equip the filling units with CIP or SIP systems further simplifies washing off-line.

There are also various solutions for the cap and jar infeeds, according to specific automation requirements: from manual systems on a conveyor belt, semi-automatic systems from a vibrator or carousel, through to robotic systems for no-touch infeed, with automatic size change-over.



Finally, representing the DUMEK brand, the turboemulsifier TURBO- MEK 200, designed to process liquid and creamy products such as emulsions (cream and milk products), serums, oils and balms, gels and lotions; special versions of these machines can process other specific products such as make-up (mascara, foundation), hair dyes, toothpaste and mud products.

All the functions required to ensure efficient operation of the turbo- emulsifiers and to set the working parameters are managed and programmed from the control panel with software developed in-house exploiting DUMEK technologies.

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