Meeting the inherent challenges of complex drug substances

Unexpected scientific and technical challenges can slow development of injectable drug compounds to a halt

Realising the full potential of a novel injectable drug compound is no small task. In the months and years that lead from the exciting discovery phase to the rigorous demands of a commercial launch, unexpected scientific and technical challenges can slow development to a halt, often at key stages.

A careful, systematic approach to identifying where and why these roadblocks can occur is fundamental to staying on course. Just as important is a robust, repeatable process design focused on retaining the stability of a compound as it moves through clinical development. The early-stage data captured during this period can play a valuable role in an efficient transition from lab to clinic to market.

With years of experience in the development, manufacturing and analysis of injectable compounds, Vetter brings a unique blend of people, processes, and technologies to the special challenges of developing new and sophisticated drug products.

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