Microsphere Summit reflects global interest in Korean pharma market


Powder Systems Limited (PSL) hosted the 2017 Microsphere Summit at the prestigious Shilla Hotel in Seoul, South Korea

The innovative Microsphere Summit, the first of its kind in Asia, was a success for everyone involved.

More than 75 attendees from 10 countries travelled to the Summit to celebrate the latest process technologies, reflecting the global interest in the South Korean pharma market.

The show appealed to both academia and representatives from leading international pharmaceutical groups, looking for insights in the growing pharmaceutical industry in Asia.

The aim was to provide solutions to help overcome the typical manufacturing challenges associated with microsphere production, which is experiencing growing demand due to its revolutionary applications. These biodegradable particles work as miniature time release capsules for parenteral drugs, treating various conditions from cancer to diabetes and mental illness.

The surge in international companies wanting to partner in Korea reflects a flourishing South Korean pharmaeconomy, which, in recent years, has become the third largest pharma region in Asia, with a forecasted growth from $18.6 billion in 2016 to $20.4 billion in 2020. 

In 2014, PSL hosted the very successful Microsphere Summit at its UK headquarters. The event focussed on manufacturing processes and introducing technologies.

With Korea becoming one of the key spots for Microsphere Production, relocating this event to Seoul seemed a logical move.

The MSR MicroSphere Refiner range from PSL has been designed for formulation of this advanced manufacturing process from small scale up to production

During the 2017 Summit key speakers from the industry and PSL’s own team of experts, reviewed and discussed the challenges encountered by pharma manufacturers when formulating microsphere drugs.

Delegates were given exclusive access to invaluable expertise in process development, how to optimise processing and an in-depth analysis of the future for polymeric microsphere drug delivery devices.

Pharmaceutical drug manufacturers are facing new challenges during process scale-up from R&D stage to commercial formulation of microsphere drugs. Suspended microspheres obtained from various micro encapsulation processes require unique aseptic handling that differs from typical sieving and nitrogen drying operations.

18 years ago, PSL developed the first sterile filtration unit for microsphere formulation with a leading process development organisation in the US and since then its process experts have designed and installed projects all around the world for many global customers.

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