Milling technologies at Interphex

FPS will show its latest innovations in micronisation and milling technologies at Interphex, NY (USA)

Specialists in fine size reduction and containment, Food and Pharma Systems (FPS), will show its multimilling platform, at Interphex 2017.

The multimilling platform contains integrated, interchangeable solutions for jet mill, loop mill and mechanical mills. These are designed for milling operations in research and pilot plants departments.

The platform considers:

  • spiral jet mill type PilotMill-5 or PilotMill-6
  • pin mill 100mm
  • loop mill type QMill-6
  • cone mill

The milling system can be operated in conjunction with a cryogenic exchanger, which allows the reduction of process temperature down to -100°C.

The system can be designed for installation in electric rated areas and with processing of OEB5/6 products, if combined with FPS barrier isolator system.

Increased safety

Milling operations may result in dust clouds, exposing operators and environment to HPAPI, due to high energy involved in the process and size reduction down to few micrometres.

The multimilling station in isolator guarantees levels of containment down to 40ng/m3.

Interphex 2017 takes place on 21–23 March in New York, USA. FPS will be located at Booth 2622.

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