Modular ductless hoods offer versatility and simplify capacity upgrades


Two types of Captair erlab ductless fume hoods are now available from scientific supplier Camlab, which offer laboratory users more than 50 filter combination options, comprising different sizes and fume/particulate handling types.

The company says the CaptairChem SD and XL models feature filters with a gel seal technology allowing easy filter stacking and ensuring perfect filter column air tightness. The new designs allow the retention capacity of the hoods to be increased by simply adding more filter/fan stacks (up to four on the XL model). For extra security, an additional filter can be placed on top of the filter/fan stack ensuring a filtration efficiency of 1% of the OEL of the products handled in the hood. There are four SD models from 800 to 1,600mm wide and they can be equipped with one filter stack.

The XL family also features four models from 1,000 to 1,800mm wide, which can be equipped with up to four filter stacks.

The filter types available include: AS for organic vapours; BE + for acid and organic vapours; F for Formaldehyde; K for Ammonia and Hepa H14 for powders.

By re-circulating and purifying the laboratory air rather than replacing it, ductless fume hoods preserve heated air in the winter and cooled air in summer, potentially reducing energy bills by as much as 90%. Combined with low installation costs and flexibility of location, a typical overall saving of 70% can be achieved compared with a ducted solution, the company says.

The Captair ductless fume hoods are supported by the Erlab Safety Programme (ESP), which comprises a combination of three services, including the Valiquest, which determines the most appropriate filtering fume hood for total safety; the Valipass, which certifies and secures the framework of use for the fume hood at installation; and the Valiguard, which reinforces safety during on-going applications with constant monitoring of the filtering fume hood, using Camlab’s free automated reminder service.

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