Nanoform launches “STARMAP Online” placing AI-power at the fingertips of medicine developers

Published: 5-May-2022

Nanoform Finland Plc., an innovative nanoparticle medicine-enabling company, announced that it has launched its sparse-data AI solution as a secure online portal for direct use by its current and future partners

Since its inception in 2020, STARMAP has been actively used by Nanoform to provide its clients with a confident assessment of their molecules’ suitability for Controlled Expansion of Supercritical Solutions (CESS)1 nanoparticle engineering.

STARMAP is a digital version of the CESS technology that enables in silico experiments to determine which molecules should be nanoformed.

Nanoform’s legacy processes involved handling all analyses in-house after receiving specific molecule attributes from its clients.

STARMAP Online has been launched as a direct request from Nanoform’s current and future partners who seek to maintain the level of confidence STARMAP offers, while integrating it into their own in-house molecule-selection processes. STARMAP Online creates the opportunity for clients to perform large numbers of in-silico CESS experiments from their desktop, prior to approaching Nanoform to perform experimental validation. This approach further supports Nanoform’s green ambition by ensuring that Nanoform progresses the molecules with the greatest probability of success.

STARMAP Online offers increased user confidence through:

  • Security and safety – the interface has been developed in alignment with ISO27001:2017 standards.
  • Client submissions are seen only by clients (not by Nanoform), allowing molecules to be screened without sharing structures. Outputs are presented directly to the client via the system.
  • Scalability and agility: The ability to manage thousands of molecules in a single submission to support the selection of candidates from molecule libraries is possible.
  • Novel insights: STARMAP Online holds a database of over 17,000 pre-analysed, public-domain disclosed drugs and candidates. Clients can request thematic evaluations and understand the power of CESS in different therapeutic areas, target classes, and disease areas.

“On May the 4th, STARMAP Online opens up new galaxies of potential and we are excited to increase access for the pharma community. The technology has a significant potential impact, allowing viable CESS candidates to be rapidly identified. STARMAP Online has the potential to transform the lives of patients by accelerating the development of new therapies, supporting our mission to touch the lives of a billion patients with nanoformed medicines,” said Prof. Edward Hæggström, Chief Executive Officer of Nanoform.

1(CESS is a nanoparticle platform technology that produces pure homogeneous drug particles from solution in an excipient-free process. By reducing the particle size e.g., from 10 microns to 50 nm, the specific surface area can be increased by as much as 1000-fold, thereby improving dissolution rate, solubility, and bioavailability. Consequently, Nanoform can help pharma partners progress molecules into development that otherwise may not have been possible. It also opens up exciting possibilities for a wide range of novel drug delivery applications.)

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