Neopac wins Tube Council award for pharma packaging


Aurora chose Neopac as packaging provider for its prescription Revolt topical antiparasitic solution

Neopac wins Tube Council award for pharma packaging

Hoffmann Neopac has been recognised in the Best Pharmaceutical Tube category at the annual Tube Council Awards. The winning entry was described as a high-barrier single-use tube with a simple, no-mess applicator developed for Aurora Pharmaceuticals, a US-based manufacturer of animal health medicines.

The package comprised a customised version of Neopac’s Twist’n’use tube, a small-volume single-dose solution that, once the cap is twisted, is irrevocably opened. In addition to tamper-evidence, the tube’s permanently affixed cap aims to emphasise consumer simplicity and offer accurate application of the enclosed product to the treatment area.

Aurora Pharmaceuticals said it was important that Revolt’s packaging to optimise aesthetics without necessitating an external moisture barrier. The tube features Neopac’s Polyfoil technology, a proprietary blend of materials providing barrier properties against moisture, oxygen and other harmful substances.

This year’s awards saw more than 70 entries submitted for consideration across various categories. Entries were evaluated by a panel of judges composed of representatives from major consumer products companies and industry professionals.

The product comes in multiple sizes and strengths, based on the size of the animal receiving it. Versions with 6% API are available in 0.25, 0.75 and 1 ml tubes, while 12% API is available in 0.5, 1, 2 or 3 ml tubes. Neopac’s Twist’n’use™ tubes can hold volumes up to 10ml.

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“It’s an honor to be recognized by the Tube Council for this solution, which combines a variety of attractive features including premium barrier protection, small-dose delivery precision and hassle-free application,” said Martina Christiansen, Head of Sales for Neopac. “Notably, the antiparasitic product presented a challenging chemical compatibility issue that, through collaboration with our Aurora Pharmaceuticals customer, we were able to overcome – showcasing our ability to provide convenient packaging solutions even for sensitive formulations.”