New Thermo Scientific K-Alpha enables faster analysis

New version offers improved chemical detection for chemical surface characterisation

The new instrument integrates premier spectrometer performance with the latest version of the Thermo Scientific Avantage XPS acquisition and processing user interface

Thermo Fisher Scientific has launched the new version of the Thermo Scientific K-Alpha X-ray photoelectron spectrometer (XPS). This fully integrated surface characterisation tool is designed to meet the demands of surface engineers whether working in cutting-edge research and development of new surface chemistries or dealing with routine characterisation of surfaces, thin films and coatings.

The original K-Alpha was designed to offer scientists and engineers a new XPS solution by offering unprecedented ease of operation, and a streamlined workflow via the Thermo Scientific Avantage data system.

The latest revision of the award-winning K-Alpha platform has those same valued benefits and in addition features dramatically improved spectroscopic performance, delivering increased count rates, faster analysis times and improved chemical detection. Further enhancements include improvements to the unique sample viewing system, better automation, and a new glove box option for handling air-sensitive samples.

The new instrument integrates premier spectrometer performance with the latest version of the Thermo Scientific Avantage XPS acquisition and processing user interface. This combination of instrumentation and software combines high sample throughput with market leading analytical performance, essential for tackling the complex materials characterisation needs of today’s surface analysis applications.

The high level of integration between hardware and software enables users to calibrate their instrument with a single button press and incorporates full traceability of all system parameters.

The Avantage data system is designed to offer exceptional levels of productivity via an optimised workflow that guides analysts through data acquisition, interpretation, processing and report generation. Avantage offers full digital tool control while providing a comprehensive range of XPS spectrum and image processing routines.

Customised laboratory reporting templates allow analysis reports to be easily exported to standard PC applications, such as Microsoft Office, at the click of a mouse. The new Avantage Indexer (AI) system allows quick and easy management of all stored data sets, allowing management by element, chemistry, acquisition date and other important parameters.

‘Thermo Scientific K-Alpha has enabled us to drive significant progress in the area of materials analysis, helping scientists overcome many challenges,’ said Mike Jost, vice president and general manager of molecular spectroscopy and surface analysis and microanalysis for Thermo Fisher Scientific. ‘With improved performance and new software features in the upgraded instrument, our customers will continue to make bold progress in the area of surface characterization.’

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