New Thermo Scientific refrigerated incubators


Designed for temperature applications in the broad 4–60°C range, now available in Europe, Asia Pacific, emerging markets and Latin America

The new Thermo Scientific refrigerated incubators utilise powerful compressor technology designed to provide optimal temperature conditions for applications that require thermal stability and uniformity above, around or below the usual ambient laboratory temperature.

The systems are also suitable for standard 37°C incubation applications in warm laboratory environments.

Available in both a benchtop and a more spacious floor-standing unit, the new Thermo Scientific RI-150 and RI-250 models of refrigerated incubators have been equipped with key attributes to enable ease-of-use, while facilitating temperature uniformity and precise temperature setting for optimal sample safety and reproducibility of results.

The systems are suitable for use in a range of pharmaceutical, life science, water treatment, biological research and microbiology applications, including incubation of bacteria and yeast, water testing, sample storage at specific temperatures and biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) testing.


Ease of use. A simple single set-point microprocessor control, a timer for automatic start or shut down, an easy calibration routine and a glass window for easy inspection of samples.

Temperature uniformity. A silent long-shaft fan and unique airflow system helps ensure even temperature distribution throughout the units for reproducible results. Broad temperature range from 4–60 °C for a multitude of applications.

Flexibility. Choice of benchtop or floor-standing model. The models include a shelving system with 34–66 shelf positions for space flexibility. The large unit has lockable casters for easy set-up and relocation.

Cost-effectiveness. For a lower initial investment, the RI-150 and RI-250 series of refrigerated incubators provide highly accurate temperate environments.

Sample safety. An adjustable over/under-temperature alarm function alerts operators of unexpected temperature deviations and open door. An automatic defrost capability enables uninterrupted long-term operation below ambient temperature. The fan motor is prevented from overheating for additional safety.

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Documentation. A standard access port allows easy insertion of independent monitoring probes. An RS232 interface enables data transfer to a computer (software not included). IQ/OQ documentation and services are also available.

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