New filling technology saves up to six months of development time

Published: 19-Feb-2015

Patheon introduces Xcelodose Automated Encapsulator technology at Milton Park, UK facility

Patheon, a leading global provider of high-quality drug development and delivery solutions, has added a new filling technology that significantly reduces the time needed for formulation development and stability testing at its facility in Milton Park, UK. The Xcelodose 600 S Automated Encapsulator, supports early phase development for oral dose products.

This technology adds to the site’s breadth of services, from early development to life cycle management of both small and large molecules, as well as enhances Patheon’s Quick to Clinic capabilities . The Xcelodose 600 S allows for manufacturing active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) in capsule form for Phase I through pilot-scale Phase II clinical trials.

The technology fills API directly into capsules, with no need for excipients, and can save up to six months of development time by reducing the need for formulation development and stability testing. The Xcelodose technology offers precision at filling speeds of more than 600 capsules per hour and 10 times faster than manual filling methods.

'With this new technology, we can bring medications to trial more quickly for our customers,' said Dr Jon Sutch, manager of formulation at Milton Park. 'Patheon is a proven leader in pharmaceutical development services (PDS), using innovative, cutting-edge technologies, like the Xcelodose, to provide customers with unsurpassed quality, solutions and value.'

Patheon’s Milton Park facility focuses on the development and formulation of semi-solid, oral liquid and solid dosage forms at the earliest development phases, and aims to bring projects to clinical trials as quickly as possible. PDS operations provide integrated services ranging from pre-formulation, formulation, analytical development, clinical trial material manufacturing and packaging, and scale-up, including biopharmaceuticals.

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