New interface software gives improved functionality for Atrato flowmeter


Titan Enterprises’ development of the Atrato’s new interface software features four key functionality improvements

Titan Enterprises has launched advanced interface software for its Atrato ultrasonic flowmeters. The Atrato line consists of four models over a flow range of 2ml per minute up to 20 L per minute. The USB connection gives the Atrato computer interface capability, enabling the user to directly monitor the flow rate being measured and alter the operating parameters using a PC.

Titan’s development of the Atrato’s new interface software features four key functionality improvements:

  • The ability to connect, configure and operate multiple Atrato flowmeters on a computer simultaneously whilst minimising CPU usage.
  • Additional capability to run simple local and remote-control batching operations using an inbuilt relay.
  • Remote start / restart capability for long shut-down periods.
  • The ability to increase signal gain via the software for liquids with poor acoustic properties.

The software enables the user to log flow data directly via USB. This capability gives a continuous picture of the flow characteristics of the system being monitored, such as flow, alarms, relay and pulse.

The upgrade integrates developments in both the Atrato’s internal software and the PC interface software, providing a combination of increased versatility and advanced operational features, giving a convenient platform for users to integrate into their processes or systems and supporting better diagnostic capability.

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The Atrato interface software is supplied with the flow meters and can also be downloaded from Titan’s website. Although the upgraded software is ‘backward compatible’ and will work with older Atrato models, not all the new features will be accessible.

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