New strategic partnership focuses on Alzheimers

Published: 2-Jan-2019

Swiss AC Immune and Chinese WuXi Biologics sign agreement

The partnership between AC immune and WuXi Biologics that has been established will focus on diseases of the central nervous system (CNS) like Alzheimers, however will not be limited as such. As AC Immune has proprietary technology platforms for antibodies including vaccines, WuXI Vaccines, a branch of WuXi Biologics, will explore enabling this within the chinese market.

As a result of the agreement AC Immune has made WuXi Biologics its preferred partner, gaining priority access to many of WuXi Biologics platforms.

The preferred partnership will cover bioprocess development, manufacturing for discovery, pre-clinical and clinical aspects, with the support of WuXi Biologics platforms.

Within the agreement are two specific platforms: WuXiBody, a bispecific antibody platform and WuXiUP, a continuous manufacturing platform.

Access to these platforms will aid AC Immune’s research into using traditional and innovative New Biological Entities (NBE) to treat neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzeheimers.

As China plays an important role in the research of this disease, the association with the Shanghai-based company will also provide a beneficial connection to the wider industry, for the Swiss-based AC Immune.

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