New variable speed peristaltic pump for the lab


Thermo Fisher Scientific\'s integrated three-roller pump head allows for simple setup and operation

Thermo Fisher Scientific has introduced a variable-speed peristaltic pump for life-science labs. A newly designed, integrated three-roller pump head allows for fast tubing changes, and simple setup and operation.

The new FH100 pumps feature digital control with a simple keypad user interface and three-digit LED pump speed display in 1 RPM increments.

The peristaltic pump systems provide a number of advantages for users, including single-channel variable flow from 0.1 ml/min to 3000 ml/min at a variable speed range of 4-400 rpm. The unit’s powerful motor provides better than 1% speed control accuracy and repeatability as well as remote control operation for applications, including fume hoods and small-scale cell culture, fermentation and filtration processes.

The pump is also reversible, allowing for purging of transfer lines or emptying containers. An integral tachometer corrects for line, load and heat drift, ensuring high accuracy and repeatability. A small footprint (12.5” x 12.5” x 6.5”) and stackable feature makes the FH100 pump especially well suited for limited-space applications.

The units are self-priming, able to operate dry, and contain no valves or seals that need to be replaced. Fluid only contacts the tubing, providing for contamination-free pumping and high-purity applications. A variety of tubing materials and sizes provide a broad range of chemical compatibility and flow ranges.

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