NextPharma completes Waltrop expansion


Adds solid and semi-solid hormones production to dedicated hormone facility

NextPharma, a European provider of product development, contract manufacturing and cold chain and logistics outsourcing services, has completed the expansion of its semi-solid hormones facility in Waltrop, Germany.

The expansion adds solid and semi-solid production to Waltrop’s dedicated hormone facility (operational since August 2005) with contained production areas, separate personnel and material lockers and separate air conditioning systems. The production unit manufactures three classes of hormonal substances: sexual hormones, corticosteroids and thyroid gland hormones.

The expansion includes contained production areas

The expansion includes contained production areas

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The new hormone semi-solids area comprises a surface area of 240m2, one bulk production room, three packaging rooms and a cleaning area. It also houses a new Becomix RW 1200 CD processing mixer with a 1,200-litre production vessel. The area’s packaging capabilities include suppositories, pessaries, ointments, creams and gels in aluminium tubes and canisters, and stick packs.

Dr Hermann Osterwald, md, NextPharma Technologies, Contract Manufacturing Services said: ‘Following on from the success of our hormone solids area, which was completed in 2005, we are delighted to have expanded our capabilities to include hormone semi-solids manufacturing and to be in a position to offer customers the benefits of this new facility.’

NextPharma Waltrop is FDA inspected and has extensive expertise in development, contract manufacturing, packaging, quality control and logistics of hormonal products as well as conventional dosage forms (liquids and semi-solids).

Waltrop is not only a hormone specialist and also has expertise in manufacturing and packaging oral contraceptives. The facility also specialises in pump sprays for topical liquids in conventional dosage form and can provide film coating of pellets as a backup to NextPharma Bielefeld.