Nunc Cell Factory System with active gassing is patented

For large-scale manufacturing of cellular therapeutics, stem cells and difficult-to-grow cells

The Nunc Cell Factory System has been awarded a patent in the US

Thermo Fisher Scientific has been awarded a patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office on its Nunc Cell Factory System with active gassing.

Developed for cells that require a high or low level of oxygen for optimal growth or are pH sensitive, the system provides a controlled atmosphere by distributing a gas mixture that is actively pumped through an attached filtration device.

Nunc Cell Factory Systems are multi-layer cell-culture vessels that provide a large surface area for growing anchorage-dependent cells in a space-saving footprint.

The addition of active gassing ensures a controlled, contamination-free atmosphere in each culture tray, and the patented system achieves greater yields and optimises production capacity without changing cell-culture platforms.

‘The Nunc Cell Factory System was the first to enter the disposable bioreactor market, and it provides many advantages, including easy up-scaling, low risk of contamination and reduced lifetime operating costs,’ said Jill Staggert, product marketing manager, bioproduction, at Thermo Fisher.

“We also customise ports and provide pre-assembled tubing configurations to support specific applications, as well as offer a wide range of accessories, including equipment such as shakers, manipulators, incubators, shelf systems, peristaltic pumps and single-use bioreactors.’