One control for every centrifuge

GEA unifies controls for separators and decanters with its user friendly IO control generation

To reduce complexity and to focus on user-friendliness, the GEA IO control generation will now be available for every separator and decanter.

Initially launched in 2014 for decanters, GEA IO has been revised and improved to use it for all GEA centrifuges — for every kind of application.

The development of GEA IO has been focusing on user’s needs, aiming to keep the control as simple and user friendly as possible. Consistently reduced to the essentials, operators are quickly able to understand and handle the control units of the centrifuge.

This increases production flexibility and the reliability of the production processes also improves; the system only displays what the user needs, so the error potential declines automatically.

On the contrary, GEA IO is able to offer much more than today's control units — tailored to customer’s needs. This means a wide range of functionalities are now available in a more intuitive manner.

Control, display and evaluate

GEA IO has been designed to be as intuitive as possible. Displays have been consistently streamlined, the symbols are self-explanatory and the colour code is based on international standards, either traffic signal colours for statuses are used or the standards in plant design for identifying pipework are used.

Robert Zeldenrust, Product Group Management Separation at GEA, said: “IO is able to not only to control and display, it is also able to evaluate by reliable interpretation of the data. With GEA IO customers are able to see how efficient the centrifuge is running in relation to energy consumption, performance or separation efficiency.”

In view of the wide range of advantages, IO also features remote capability. GEA experts are thus able to access the centrifuges so they are ready to be deployed again as quickly as possible.

Zeldenrust added: “With GEA IO, the entire potential of our centrifuges can be fully utilised: simple, intuitive, reliable and user friendly.”

Support throughout entire life cycle of plant and equipment

Excellent equipment or plants are one thing, the right service is another. With several options of the new service concept ‘GEA Service — for your continued success’, GEA supports customers throughout the entire life cycle of their installed systems and components, from project engineering, installation and commissioning, to maintaining and improving the performance of the customer’s plant and equipment.

The service level options of GEA PerformancePlus extend way beyond routine preventive maintenance and complement customer digitalisation efforts. By combining modern condition monitoring technologies with industry expertise, GEA provides its customers monitoring services, comprehensive analysis reports and reliable optimisation recommendations.

In turn, GEA customers receive valuable information to make business decisions easier and addressing challenges they face to achieve their specific performance-related goals.

GEA PerformancePlus creates transparency about the current health status of the equipment, increases its availability, ensures optimum productivity, brings efficiency optimisation potential to light and enables a sustainable equipment utilisation. GEA PerformancePlus is initially available for GEA separators; on the mid-term it will be extended to other GEA product groups.

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