Outsert applicator uses hot melt glue adhesion


Attaches outserts in a range of sizes at high speeds

The new Model 277 Auto-Sert outsert applicator from US packaging equipment manufacturer NJM/CLI features hot melt glue adhesion with compact and versatile outsert extraction.

The Lebanon, New Hampshire-based firm says the outsert applicator complies with industry standards, resulting in thicker outserts because of additional content, larger type and formatting requirements.

The Model 277 Auto-Sert attaches outserts to pharmaceutical containers at high speeds, handling a range of outsert sizes and reducing operating costs by minimising the cost of consumables.

The machine uses hot melt glue and handles outserts 0.875 to 2.5in (22 to 63mm) wide and 1.125 to 4in (29 to 100mm) high and up to 1.5in (38mm) thick at speeds of up to 220 bottles per minute.

Designed to be integrated with a primary labeller such NJM/CLI’s Model 326 Auto-Colt III or Model 334 Charger as a new system or retrofitted, the new Auto-Sert Outsert Applicator applies outserts to the sides of round, square and rectangular containers. When linked to the Model 276 Carousel Outsert Feeder it expands the infeed storage capacity and offers run times of up to one hour without reloading.

The Model 277 Auto-Sert features a vacuum cup at the end of a rotating arm that moves into the hopper to ensure the outsert is securely held while the pivoting arm rotates to deliver the outsert to the container. Thin outserts are handled by picking the outsert from the hopper with the vacuum cup while thick outserts are handled by a combination of pushing and picking. For customers handling the widest range of outsert thicknesses, the end of the vacuum arm may be a change part, which offers fast changeovers without needing tools.

The machine also features two servomotors – one that drives the rotating arm in a circle and the other that moves the arm in and out to dip into hopper. Its heavy-duty stainless steel and aluminum construction and high quality components meet GMP standards and offers exceptional durability, the firm says.