Packaging foil keeps test strips super dry


Baltimore Innovations’ SuperDryFoil is for packaging moisture-sensitive products such as medical devices and diagnostic test strips.

The UK firm has integrated a strip of desiccant (either silica gel or molecular sieve) plastic film into a laminated barrier foil pouch to offer a ready to use product.

SuperDryFoil is available in a variety of formats as the laminated barrier foil pouches can be manufactured to be peelable, zip-lock resealable, with tear notches for easy opening, and printable.

SuperDryFoil is for packaging moisture-sensitive products such as test strips

According to Ted Valentine, managing director of Baltimore Innovations, SuperDryFoil is perfect for start-up companies developing a moisture-sensitive product.

‘A major advantage of having desiccant plastic film integrated into foil pouches is its ability to be seamlessly incorporated right into the pouch package, providing an elegant one-piece solution which is ready for use immediately,’ he says.

‘This shortens the development cycle by eliminating costly process steps and the placement of additional desiccant products such as beads, sachets, canisters and lozenges.’

Baltimore Innovations was established in 2002 and is a specialist producer of desiccants and moisture-proof packaging.

The firm employs 20 people and is based in Bourne End, Buckinghamshire.