Parexel launches IMPACT Express clinical trial management system

Simplifies clinical trial management and monitoring for small-to-mid-sized biopharmaceutical companies

Parexel International, a global biopharmaceutical services provider, has introduced the IMPACT Express Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS), which simplifies clinical trial management and monitoring for small- to mid-sized biopharmaceutical companies.

The firm says a single, unified clinical trial management system can play a vital role in helping biopharmaceutical companies plan, track, record, and oversee the complex array of administrative, financial, site-related, and other activities that are critical for the efficient monitoring and management of clinical trials.

'Parexel developed IMPACT Express for biopharmaceutical and biotech companies in need of a scalable, rapid-to-deploy and cost-effective CTMS option to intelligently manage the complexities of clinical trials,' said Patrick Nadolny, Vice President of Product Management, Data and Analytics Services, Parexel Informatics. 'By applying a process-driven approach to trial management and monitoring, biopharma companies will be better able to save time – and money – while simplifying their drug development journey.'