Particle Sciences acquires rights to LyoCell technology


Allows for the solubilisation, stabilisation and delivery of small and large molecule compounds

US-based contract research organisation Particle Sciences (PSI) has acquired exclusive rights to Lyotropics Therapeutics’ LyoCell technology.

The LyoCell drug delivery technology developed by the Richmond, Virginia, US-based firm allows for the solubilisation, stabilisation, and delivery of both small and large molecule compounds.

LyoCells are lyotropic liquid crystal-based formulations that contain both polar and non-polar nano-domains.

Robert Lee, Particle Sciences' vp of Pharmaceutical Development, says these unique structures ‘create ideal conditions for the solubilisation and stabilisation of many pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals’.

Made from GRAS ingredients, the technology is already in late-stage clinical development in an intravenous product and has applications in most routes of administration.

Under the revenue-share agreement, PSI has obtained a full licence to the technology except for several compounds previously developed by LTI.

PSI will offer the technology to those looking to increase bioavailability or develop parenteral formulations of difficult-to-solubilise compounds. IP around the stabilisation of macromolecules is also included in the deal.

Lyotropic Therapeutics’ chief executive Vince Conklin adds: ‘The LyoCell technology has proven to be highly effective in solving very difficult formulation problems and is the basis for several drugs now in or poised to enter the clinical stage.

‘We are very pleased to have a partner like Particle Sciences, which is well positioned to broaden exposure for the LyoCell technology and to employ its enormous utility.’